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HighCo BOX Benelux manages the creation, distribution & online communication of digital promotions activated by brands and retailers.



    Quality Control

    HighCo BOX has set the standard* for e-coupons in Belgium and, as a pioneer, has a validated, secured and high-performance module to create e-coupons with a new and personalised GCN code.

    *together with GS1 Belgilux




    HighCo BOX has developed a series of standard and tailor-made solutions in order for consumers to redeem coupons in a clear and simple way.




    Right place, right time

    Through numerous partnerships, HighCo BOX has created a universe in which your promotion is qualitatively and quantitatively expressed in order for the promotion to be proposed at the right time to the right consumer.

Innovation boosting the performance of your projects.

Your Needs

Each digital strategy is unique and requires a tailor-made plan.

HighCo BOX has a wide range of solutions to help you achieve your annual objectives


    RECRUIT new customers

    HighCo BOX answers brands’ recruitment problems by proposing solutions for massive and targeted distribution of their e-coupons.


    DEVELOP average shopping basket

    HighCo BOX solutions develop the average basket of the partner brands via relational platforms and personalised promotional minisites, by adapting to their strategies and budgets.



    HighCo BOX assists its clients with the dematerialisation of their promotional material and loyalty programmes.

    This dematerialisation optimises ROI and sharpens up targeting.

An inherent vision of operational marketing which is bold and effective.

HighCo Data

About Us


HighCo Group’s development has always been driven by innovation.

European pioneer in omnichannel digital broadcasting and electronic discount voucher processing, HighCo decided to create HighCo BOX in 2013 in order to regroup all dematerialised coupon activities and to accompany the brands and the retailers that trust them.


Our Team

Each year HighCo BOX leverages the strength of his team of 10 experts in couponing, digital and mobile technologies to work with the various brands (P&G, Unilever, Mondelez, Danone, …) and retailers (Carrefour, Makro, …) who trust them to develop new pilot projects and features.

Day after day, the commercial and marketing innovations proposed by HighCo increase promotional campaign ROI and improve shopper knowledge.

Keep in touch with promotional marketing developments in the digital and social network era.






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